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11-11-2004, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by JR#9
First of all don't try and play the game like you don't know what role you play in these little skirmishes where you have to go against everything and everybody with nonsense that you can't back up and then you roll over and try to play the victim all the time.Just give it a rest and you'd get more respect as a poster on ALL the boards you seem to alienate yourself on.

As for Giroux, I wasn't even the one commenting on him despite the fact that I've seen him in the limited time the Pack were on TV both at the end of last year as well as this plus sitting live in the 1st row in Hartford and him being one of the guys I was keying on but that is all beside the point...(BTW, when exactly have you seen Giroux play?) but the point is that Davisian is up in Bing and thus has seen Giroux play many times before the NYR's even had his rights so I'd say that carries alittle more water than the usual Prucha arguement that relies heavily on second hand information and seletive opinions you chose to read somewhere.
I think it is apparent that you are looking for an arguement or something maybe hoping I get my ass banned, which I will probababably with or without your help. I guess only your buddies are allowed to post their opinions on this board.

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