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09-10-2009, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Canucker View Post
I don't think you'll get an argument out of most fans that the players laid an egg throughout the 2nd round but a lot can be attributed to coaching as well. Game 4 for do you sit back on a 1 goal lead for 2 periods? How do you explain how they looked so unprepared to play in game 6? How do you explain the lack of discipline throughout the year and especially in the playoffs...even the 1st round would have been a LOT closer if we didn't get some excellent penalty killing and goaltending. The coach is supposed to be sure the team is properly motivated and prepared to play and AV failed just as much or more than the players did.
Certainly, and I`m not just being an apologist for AV. I think that the blame can be spread around any time you lose. I just find for some reason when things are good, AV doesnt get proportional credit for when they are bad. I guess it is this mentality that gets coaches fired for no good reason.

On the series though, here`s food for thought. Who is to say that the Canucks would have even been close at the end of the game had they not trapped their lead? The rest of the series, and indeed game shows it was no guarantee by any means. Maybe AV trapped because Chicago had the Canucks d rattled and wanted to try and put them in a position of comfort and possibly come out confident at the end of the day? Also, is Quenneville a super genius in comparison when he tried and mostly failed to score when he was behind, and then finally did?

I am not sure what you mean at all about `preparation`for game 6, define the word. I mean for all we know AV gave the speech of the year in the NHL in the dressing room, had the team extremely well prepared, and they just played like crap. They certainly didn`t give up game 6 and battled back.

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