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09-10-2009, 10:00 PM
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We can be pretty darn certain Balsillie has no interest in teams not in Hamilton.

Apples and oranges. For one thing, none of the people buying those franchises were trying to move it without the league's permission. Remember what the league is really fighting for here, not what the Balsillie propagandists are claiming they are. The power to control where their franchises play and who owns them is paramount to the league.

The league did fight for Winnipeg, for years. It's not like as soon as the owner wanted to sell, the team left the city.

They didn't fight so hard for Quebec, but it seems a decision was made that that market was hopeless, and given the city had no new arena, no prospects, and no owner while being the second smallest market with a pro major league team in North America (ahead of only the special case Green Bay), its hard to argue with the decision.

There is little Bettman could have done to save the North Stars given they moved in 1993. But if we are just talking the league itself, Minnesota was another market with arena troubles. Still, that team never should have moved.

Bettman worked as hard or harder for Edmonton, supported by Cal Nichols' accounts. Is Edmonton one of "Bettman's teams" or is this argument baseless?

You're getting your timelines mixed up. The league doesn't take official offers for relocation while local options still exist. So Balsillie wasn't getting a relocation option. Those "terms" did not yet exist.

If he wanted relocation terms, he needed to wait for the local options be exhausted. Apparently, though, he was willing to pose as a local bidder for his own purposes until it became time to actually sign the agreement

1. How can you be sure? Was he not going to sign an agreement that if the Capri Plan or Plan B happened he would keep the team in Pitts?

2. How exactly did the NHL fight for Winnipeg? The NHL didnt fight at all for Quebec. Saying Quebec was hopeless is

3. When did Bettman become the commish? Was Minnesota still not in Minnesota?

4. Do you have any Links to the NHL fighting for Edmonton? Not saying your wrong, i just dont know about this topic.

5. Balsille would have known that he could have the option to relocate if there were no local bidders. Who were the local bidders that kept this option open? Once again, with no local bidders, no Capri Plan or Plan B, Balsille could have had the option to relocate the team. He was told to sign an agreement that this would not happen. If no local bidders came about and the Capri/Plan B fell apart, why would he have to sign this agreement?

Were there still local bidder options at this point in time?

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