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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
1. How can you be sure?
How can we be sure Balsillie wanted to relocate the franchise? Are you serious?

2. How exactly did the NHL fight for Winnipeg? The NHL didnt fight at all for Quebec. Saying Quebec was hopeless is
Ah, so no owner, no arena, and no hope of either for the future isn't hopeless, eh?

3. When did Bettman become the commish? Was Minnesota still not in Minnesota?
If you have to ask, you shouldn't be allocating blame. Bettman started in Feb 1993, the rather convoluted North Stars saga started in 1990 and finished in spring 1993. It was another arena situation, the city promised an expansion team when they get a new arena built. It still shouldn't have happened, but the whole Gund/Norm Green mess was ugly in so many different ways.

4. Do you have any Links to the NHL fighting for Edmonton? Not saying your wrong, i just dont know about this topic.
No offense but I've had to go through that around two dozen times just since these threads started. I really don't want to go through it again nor is this the proper place for it. Let's just say Cal Nichols has been one of Bettman's biggest supporters ever since he appeared on the scene. If you want more, there's plenty in the earlier threads.

5. Balsille would have known that he could have the option to relocate if there were no local bidders. Who were the local bidders that kept this option open? Once again, with no local bidders, no Capri Plan or Plan B, Balsille could have had the option to relocate the team. He was told to sign an agreement that this would not happen. If no local bidders came about and the Capri/Plan B fell apart, why would he have to sign this agreement?
Because the league only wanted local bidders at that time.

Were there still local bidder options at this point in time?
Obviously, since the team is still there.

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