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Originally Posted by mapleleaf1389 View Post
am I the only person getting sick and tired of the nonsense that is written by Howard Berger. He seems to act as though Kaberle is the lone symbol of failure in the leafs organization, and his unwillingness to waive the no trade clause is because he embraces failure. Heaven forbid the guy not want to uproot his family to go to a place he is unfamiliar with and may not even play as well. I say if he wants to stay, and exercise the right he was given by JFJ to waive any trade, so be it. There are worse players at worse salaries we could be saddled with.
No you're not the only one. The past year or two I've lost a lot of respect for Howard Berger as a beat reporter let alone his stupid blogs. I really don't understand the point of his blogs anyway what are they supposed to do for Leaf fans. Sure it gives his opinion but he writes pure garbage about the team. He trashes them everytime he gets the chance it boggles my mind that a reporter will go out of his way to rip the team he reports on everyday. Like let's take this so called * new Kaberle* blog he has up. This is like the 4th or 5th blog alone he's written about how Kaberle is just comfortable and how he rather just be famous in a city then winning. Like wtf, how can you judge someone like that, you can't just go around writing stuff that you have no idea if it's true or not. Kaberle and every other hockey player wants to win. Yeah yeah I'm probably going to get responses like* well theres some players in it for the money every player is in it for the money they are also in it to win.Kabs is someone who negotiated his no trade JFJ gave it to him, Howard Berger writes like he's still a a teenager watching the crappy 70's teams. HEY HOWARD get a kleenex and get over it.

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