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Check out this gem from the Ottawa board;

Originally Posted by Sensational Spezza View Post
My thoughts


Robin Lehner - Wow. Just wow. He looks like a giant in the net at 6'4, 220lbs. In addition that he has wonderful angles which completely limits the shooter to try to pick a corner, which Lehner ends up stopping anyways. He's quite mobile in the net for a goaltender of such a size and looks like a Henrik Lundqvist-clone in the net. Same style, around the same size and if everything goes well hopefully both great goaltenders

Erik Karlsson - His skill shines through his play, his vision was unparralled on the ice. I didn't see any holes in his defensive game that critics always rant about. He didn't have any problems with his size and I can't see a reason why he can't be in the NHL this season. Unfortunatly I missed his pass to Condra that apparently was a brilliant play

Erik Condra - He was all over the ice, had 2 goals and was a two-way force. His hockey sense is through the roof and has some pretty nice skills. Really like his game, elite 3rd line potential.

Viktor Stalberg - The only Leaf I actually liked. Very nice speed and offensive instincts. He's not afraid to lay the body either. Had over a PPG in college this season, won't like this guy in a Leafs sweater in a few years.

Zach Smith - Crashed the net hard, was quite physical and played a good game all-around. Great captain, hit Kadri and got in a fight after he started ruunning around gooning it up. Looked like a mini-Mike Fisher to me. Convinced me that's he'll be an NHLer player even if he can't score at the NHL level, he can be a character guy/agitator.

Brandon Svendson - Loved his game. Looked small but played like an absolute warrior. Great offensive threat and can hold is own in his own zone. Reminds me of Ryan Shannon. Give this guy a contract.


Nazem Kadri - Saw what I feared of him when I was convinced Murray was taking him. Midget calibur moves. Tried all these fancy moves and they failed. If he doesn't create offense he is a worthless player and he couldn't do it tonight. The "run of hits" by Kadri was laugh worthy. He smoked Kinrade who was off-balance then barely touched another guy and then almost flew into his own bench. Announcers turned nothing into something right there.

Tyler Bozak - This guy was the best College Free Agent Signing? Looked so average it's nuts. Decent all-around, was not impressed at all. Scored a fluky, floppy goal on Lehner that Leafs fans called a snipe

James Reimer - *looks at score*

Brandon Manning - Words can't describe how terrible he played

Jordan Hale - If he had any skill he'd be a decent player
If he were any more of a homer he'd be impregnating Murray,

I don't even know where to begin, the Svedson > Kadri posts are pretty funny so was the downplaying of Bozaks goal. People who know hockey know that under the arm is most definitely a spot to score should the goalie play his glove high.

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