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09-11-2009, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Drudkh View Post
Agreed. The US team figures to have more firepower than 2006 but as usual the goaltending and defensive choices won't be very inspiring.

Russia, Canada, and Sweden have the most talent. Finland always gets the most out of their players. The other 3 big 7 teams have lots of reasons to be concerned.
You have got to be joking. I agree with you about the USA's defensive choices, but our goaltending "won't be very inspiring?" I'd expect more out of a fellow American. We have the reigning Vezina trophy winner (Thomas), and he might not even be our starter! There is a former #1 overall pick who will, at best, be the #3 (DiPietro), assuming he makes the team at all! If you think our goalie choices are "uninspiring," you're a flipping idiot!

How will Canada's choices be any better? Luongo? He who let in 7 goals in a crucial game 7 against Chicago? How "inspiring" is that in a single-elimination tournament? Brodeur? He's getting old and becoming injury prone, and he didn't fare that well under the pressure of game 7 against Carolina either. Fleury? Okay, good, but is he any better than Thomas or Miller? Price? HAHAHAHA!!!! Mason? Lots of goalies have had one good year, including the aforementioned Price. Who else is there? Are Canada's goaltending choices any better than the USA's?

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