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09-11-2009, 08:44 PM
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Originally Posted by ChicagoBlues View Post
Yeah, I know. I guess the whole waiver thing is a good enough reason to remove him from the the possible Peoria roster.

I don't see him in Peoria either. Not sure why I've kept him on this roster because I've wanted him on The Blues all summer long; not some "puck-moving" guy.
I thought Bell IS a "puck moving guy", from the descriptions I've read of his play. Did I get the wrong impression? Does he just try to shoot and otherwise lose the puck a lot trying to create offence alone? He doesn't carry the puck out of the zone or pass to forwards?

The only knock on him I've read about was that he doesn't position too well in his own zone, and doesn't keep his man out of the play as well as he should with his reasonably-sized body. Presumably, those are things that can be improved with a concentrated effort and coaching.

He's young, fairly big, strong and has good wheels and a good shot and offensive sense. From what I saw of Sydor on Dallas last season, I think I'd rather try out the kid.

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