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09-11-2009, 08:45 PM
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It's topics like this that make Canada look stupid. It's as if Canada has already appointed themselves the winners in 2010. Here's a news flash, Canuckleheads: you've won exactly one medal in three Olympics with the NHL'ers, and you didn't look that great doing it. There is nothing in your Olympic history that suggests you should even be favored to win, let alone so favored that you're talking about "who should win the silver."

Sorry Canada, but RUSSIA WILL WORK YOUR ASS IN 2010! They are going to bring offensive firepower like no one has never seen to Vancouver. Every time I look at what Russia will bring at forward in 2010, I piss myself. A line of Ovechkin-Malkin-Kovalchuk is the greatest offensive line the world has ever seen, and while I admit that Canada has the best defensemen in the world, Russia has the kind of offensive talent to make that completely irrelevant.

Canadians also like to contend that Russia may have high-end offensive talent, but they don't have depth. That is a bunch of bullcrap. Russia has all kinds of depth, it's just that most of Canada doesn't pay attention to it because it plays in the KHL. There is plenty of offensive talent comparable to NHL talent in the KHL. But Canadians, in their Canada-centric view of the hockey world, is either blind to it or notices it but refuses to acknowledge it. Note to Canada: Russia just won the worlds with a roster full of KHL'ers. They can do the same in Vancouver.

Canada also likes to say Russia doesn't have enough on defense to win. Oh please. Markov, Gonchar, Zubov, Kalinen, Tyutin are all terrific defensemen. That is a strong corps.

You wanna know who's going to win silver in 2010? I'll tell you: CANADA.

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