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Originally Posted by GuitarAwesome View Post
I'll add a few that I know as well.

Synergy Elite(silver shaft, blue writing) - Was the highest end stick or Easton's last year, until the new S-series was developed. Extremely durable, nice weight, great stick all around.
Synergy Elite Grip (silver stick, red writing) - Same thing, just with a little grip. For some reason I find this stick worse than the normal SE. I'm crazy though.
Synergy S17 - New Elliptical shaft design, is one of the more expensive sticks out there, is insanely light and whippy. However, this badboy will break in a heartbeat. We used to get them for free, and still, no one would use them.
Synergy SL - Like the ST, less durability, a little whippy, still a good stick for the price.
Gahhh, I had the opportunity to get a Synergy Elite on sale for 70, damnnn

And can anyone tell me about the SC6? Is it good at its price point (60 over here) and is it part of the SYnergy line? or Stealth?

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