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11-12-2004, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by vanlady
The NBA owners have been able to agree with thier union to define all revenue, and have a very strict set of checks and balances to control their owners. Something the NHL owners will never go for.
Yet another fabrication courtesy of vanlady.

First of all, You have absolutely no clue what the owners will go for.

Secondly, to suggest that there would be a cap or even a luxury tax without revenue definitions is laughable.

Oh and before you use the NBA you might want to make sure that they are not talking about a strike to get rid of their cap next year.
I'm not sure you could have posted something more irrelevent. There is not a union in existance that wouldn't like to increase their salaries. Suggesting that the NBA players wanting to remove their cap means anything says a ton about you.

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