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Originally Posted by Fletch
when you're not ready for the jump? When your frame hasn't filled out and there are parts of your game that need to be improved. Or when you have an offseason, even in a crappy conference, despite what excuses are afforded? Also, it does take longer for power forwards to develop. Leclair put up good numbers in college, and played four years, but his NHL career didn't take off until the age of 25. I'd love for these kids to be that much closer, but there are reasons for playing in lower leagues. It's part of a natural progression and there's no need to rush, as often that can cause more harm than good. In Jessiman's case, as was my suspician, he wasn't ready, so why force him to do something for which he's tentative?
I think the "powerforwards take longer to develop" arguement is not by any means a rule, but it is the nature of people to try to put everything in neat patterns. Rick Nash, Tuomo Ruuttu, Daze, Arnott, Lindros, Smyth, Tkachuk, Forsberg, Roenick, Nolan, Sundin, Primeau, Holik, Peca, Allison, Heatley, Iginla, etc. didn't take long to develop. Obviously if the only way a powerforward knows how to score is by driving to the net looking for a rebound then he will take a while to develop, because his success depends mainly on his strength. And I am sure there are rational reasons why many powerforward took a while to develop, mainly I think it has to do with lack of quality icetime, loss of confidence, etc. But back to Jessiman--we aren't even talking about NHL yet, what makes him not ready for AHL? How is playing a year in AHL "being rushed"?

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