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09-13-2009, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by SomE View Post
Sting you act like u have behind the scene access to the Rangers locker room. You don't! If an NHL coach says his team needs to work on conditioning then I will believe him and not listen to the stupid **** you have to say. Do us all a favour and stop posting your garbage.
Stupid **** I have to say? You should look at some of the stupid **** you've said. You don't have to read or like anything I have to say. Frankly, I would be pretty upset if you did, considering I can't recall a single one of your posts on this board that I didn't think was either totally wrong, or simply moronic.

Funny, this team used to have a different NHL coach, one who dragged it's crappy roster into the playoffs every season he was here, and I don't recall him ever saying conditioning was a problem.

Sorry dude, but just because you are an uninformed, easily manipulated dolt doesn't mean that I have to be. I've spent enough hard-earned money in my life on this team (and I've probably devoted far more hours to actually watching this team than you have) that I've earned the right after more than 10 years of **** to be unhappy when I see the same mistakes being made year after year. I have just as much of a right to voice my opinion as you do. Grow up.

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
There is zero correlation, so I don't know what point you are trying to make other than you dislike this current team, which is certainly your own prerogative.
There is correlation. There is a reason this conditioning nonsense has become, as you like to say, the buzz word. It's a distraction.

Everyone knows Sather is an inept GM, but it's not like he's spending time drawing up running maps or teaching the staff plyo drills instead of negotiating contracts. This "Torts guy" bs has run its course, he's had limited to no roster roster input, just like Renney and every other coach before him.
When did I say that Tortorella did have roster input, or, by the way, that I dislike him (since it seems that is what you are implying)?

This is the team distracting you from the fact that they just spent an entire summer spinning their wheels, for the most part. Remember, Tortorella's training camps have always supposedly been grueling. This one was going to be, too, whether the team started talking up this BS in the media or not.

It's the coach's job (along with assistants/trainers/etc) to run the camp and get as much as they can out of this flawed team. If having a well conditioned team is their opinion on how to do it, then frankly I hope it works. There is nothing that they can do to make this team a true cup contender within reason, but maybe if they add some tinfoil and polish this turd it will be slightly appealing.
Again, I'm not blaming the coaches for running a difficult training camp. Let them be in great shape, we're all for that. But that wasn't really the issue with this team. You're absolutely right: it's a turd. So why continue building the pile instead of breaking the cycle. The trading of Gomez was the perfect opportunity, but what did they do? Just got right back to the same old tricks. Since the day Renney was fired, this team has been trying to run a line of bull to the media about what the problems with the team are without ever talking about the real problems or doing much to fix them. That's the issue.

It's all fine and good that they'll be well-conditioned, but they're still going to have most of the same problems they did before. Some of those problems could have been changed or avoided.

Originally Posted by azrok22 View Post
From Zipay's Twitter:

Alexei Semenov added to camp this morning.
Wouldn't be a bad #6 or 7 guy, if that's what happens.

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