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09-13-2009, 10:07 PM
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You actually think that firing the union leader at 3:30am was a sign of that things are working?

Lindros and Hargrove et al are widely perceived to be a joke, and as long as any of them are involved in the union they won't be taken seriously by the NHL, the media, or the majority of fans. They should have been walking into the next CBA negotiation in a position to wrench some concessions from the owners.

Now it looks like it might be the other way around. Think the PR war doesn't matter? Think again. The players lost it in a major way last time, and it was a big reason that the owners were able to shut down the league for a whole season but see very little backlash. Instead the backlash went against the players, who were accused of being greedy.

The NHLPA is responsible for protecting the salaries of their players to a tune of over $1.5 billion. That membership is guaranteed 57% of all NHL revenues. [Mod: deleted] When the union has the kind of power to cut 24% of salaries across the board (a concession that Goodenowe actually agreed to), they need to have top notch leadership at the union. The general perception was that they had that with Kelly. Now??

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