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09-13-2009, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Punch Imlach View Post
Check out this gem from the Ottawa board;

If he were any more of a homer he'd be impregnating Murray,

I don't even know where to begin, the Svedson > Kadri posts are pretty funny so was the downplaying of Bozaks goal. People who know hockey know that under the arm is most definitely a spot to score should the goalie play his glove high.
From the man who posted this:

Originally Posted by Punch Imlach View Post
Jessie MF'n Blacker.

Those that don't know of this kid will soon enough. He was a casualty of a deep Windsor team last year, and came into prospects camp and is easily our best defenseman there at 18. He hits, fights, has wheels and a big shot.

Going to be one of the steals in the second round. I'd take him over some of the defensemen taken late in the first round.
It's a 7-1 score, of course our players would be the better ones. Kadri and Bozak looked lost on the ice, couldn't create any scoring chances and their bad play was a reason why the score was so lopsided. And it's the freakin Senators board, reading through this thread there were hardly any mentions about our prospects.

1. I never said Svenson > Kadri, just in the game. Future wise Kadri wipes the floor with him. Besides the couple hits he got on that one shift he was mostly unnoticable in the game.

2. Watch Bozak's shot, it was floppy and weak. Although placed well I might add

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