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09-14-2009, 08:41 AM
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Originally Posted by torontomapleleafs View Post
Ever think of going the two piece method?
You could go with a Bauer one 95 shaft
And a Standard blade

The Bauer one 95 shaft is an amazing stick! I have 2 with a wood blade in there (hate composite blades) and they are by far the best sticks I've used!
Utter shame then. Most people say the One95 blade has the best puck feel of any composite blade ever, and is the greatest thing ever invented since fire.

Seriously, the thing gets great reviews. I would try it out.

And to the OP: You can get some top end sticks on closeout, and often pro stock stuff. Look at your local shop and online, you might be surprised. I grabbed a Vapor XXXX for $100 a few weeks ago, can't wait for the rink to open up to us commoners so I can use it. Hockey Monkey has had RBK 7Ks for less then $100 for a while now, flexes and curves may be limited, but those are nice sticks.

And after you break them, often you can cut them and make them tapered shafts.

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