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Originally Posted by CBJalltheway View Post
Name: Liz
Nickname: Busy Bee/Biz most often.
Age: 29
Age you act: Yeah, that can range pretty wide!
Sex: Female
Where you live: Clintonville, Ohio
Where you were born: Columbus, Ohio
Where you used to live: Beavercreek, OH, around Columbus and Bonn, Germany & Chemnitz, Germany
Nationality: Slavic heritage
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Like I'd post that!
Mode of Transportation: VW Golf
Distinguishing Physical Characteristic (like if we saw you in the Rbar, how we'd know it was you): Short and feisty sometimes.
Job: Work for a utility company near the AD.
How you became a Jackets fan: Won tix from work right after the lock out and got hooked right then! Really got into the Olympic hockey around then, too.
How much of a Jacket-Whacket Job are you: Pretty high - I'm quite obsessed!
How you found HFBoards and why you keep posting here: My friend told me about it and I've been coming back since.
Favorite Jackets player: Commie
Favorite non-Jackets player(s): Ovie
Other NHL Team(s) You are Willing to Root For: Capitals mostly
Fav teams in other sports: Indians, Cavs, Columbus Crew
Most Obsessive/Strangest Blue Jacket paraphernalia (souvenir) you own: I'm not telling that either.
Section you usually sit in: Have a 10 pack in section 214. And wherever else I get tickets.
Rituals or superstitions you observe when watching or attending a game: R Bar before - and usually after. Must wear something CBJ and if they win, have to wear it again and again until they don't win when I'm there.
Music You Claim to Listen To: The Kooks, the Killers, the Kings of Leon, Jack Johnson, Coldplay, etc.
Music You Actually Listen to: Same that I claim to listen to.
Favorite Movie(s): Fever Pitch, Good Will Hunting, Love Actually
Favorite TV Show(s): Jeopardy, Top Chef, My Boys
Favorite Food(s): Mexican, Italian, Thai
Pets You Share Your Household With: My roommate's cat, Sasha. Lucy is my baby girl though, but resides at my mom's house (an 11 year old husky/shepherd mix)
Pirate or Ninja: Well, I do have a pirate on my shirt that I'm wearing, so I'll say pirate. Ask me to tell you my favorite pirate joke!
Other thing(s) we should be warned about you: Might hug opposing teams fans before game, but fight them later.

Liz, you're feisty all the time!

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