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09-14-2009, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by lavaltitans View Post
As a Wild STH I can also give you other formulas, such as:

Gaby + West Coast road trip = groin injury
Gaby + hackeysack = groin injury
Gaby + soccerball = groin injury
Gaby + Formula 1 race car simulator = simulated groin injury

Another observation was that Gaby's injuries tended to coincide with BFF Demitra's injuries. Demo is already injured (or at least not healed up yet for another 6 weeks from surgery), coincidence? We in MN think not, they are probably just out shopping together for new ripped jeans...

We feel your pain Ranger fans, and here in MN all groin injuries were reported as "soreness".
My roommate of 4 years is a die-hard Wild fan and I went through all this with him the last few years always thinking "glad he's not on my team". The race car driving/simulating stuff especially was always a running joke.

I still maintain that it's too early to get worked up over this, but until Gaborik can prove otherwise I'm not exactly holding my breath (or buying the Rangers' PR reassurances) about his health.

Originally Posted by dedalus View Post
I don't think it objectionable that people who fear history repeating itself are remarking on it, and frankly I think it laughable that anyone would claim that such people WANT this to happen. They're speaking from frustration. As such I heartily doubt they're desirous of more frustration.
You hit the nail on the head - except now potential mistakes are magnified by the salary cap. Like I said earlier, keepin' my fingers crossed.

"Here we can see the agression of american people. They love fighting and guns. when they wont win they try to kill us all." -HalfOfFame
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