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09-19-2003, 12:53 AM
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Bergeron sticking around for awhile

very interesting- there is no way this kid could possibly make the Broons with Junior eligability but a 10 look see wouldn't be the longest shot of all time- but close to Patriot/Angels like for me. When (or if) Zinovjev gets here I expect he to may show above average skills sending Bruins Nation into a frenzy of what may be.....but we've seen it before (ok, I have, you under 30 probably haven't beyond a Joe or Sammy) with the likes of Czerkawski and Walz in the last 15 years but not many. The Pasins, Cimettas, Stevenson, Aitkens that ended busts had some interest based on Draft status but nothing really can't missish. Murray, Stumpel, and Smolinski kinda arrived- Murray got the most ink because of the Neely model in Boston and Murray's size and postion- but he was always an easy going semi- gentle giant.

This is going to be hype and great if it is....some bright sunshine and somethng for the other eye to do during Broon season. Bergeron-Zinovjev will be interesting for Broon fans for a change- and they were not first rounders but guys all 30 teams had a shot at and passed atleast once. The Samuelssons, Hilberts, Humls et al may end up better but their upside seems to be somewhat easier to project- or more likely there upside. BUT, Zinovjev and Bergeron may have the Kavorka, the Duende...."it"......Zinovjev hasn't even arrived but may guess is after a couple of practices Dupes has an article both extolling his talent and laden with enough clouds and pessimism to make any mother bring an umbrella, raincoat and boots to any Broons parade.

I love it- and am probably guilty of getting opptimistic over two guys I have never seen but so what- its better than knowing within minutes off the assembly line your first rounder top 10 actually 8th (Aitken) has deficiencies and needs alot of work- now we are hearing the positives- not the negatives. This management somehow has gotten accentuating the positives and not the negatives on Broon future.

Will they both make it? two second rounders as top 6 forwards? has happened but just not in Broon land. And if it does we may be going back 20-25 years ago ....when the Crowder, Kaspers, Fergus, Pederson, Krushelnyski, Secord, Levielle, McCrimmon, Dufour, and someguy named Ray group arrived like toys off the assembly line at Boston Gahden.

If this starts happening, MOC has done something that will have everyone smiling around here.

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