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09-14-2009, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by 25th View Post

Habs 2009-10 Waiver Situation

It's OK to have preferences and opinions but...

With 13 forwards having to clear waivers before joining the Bulldogs, it's obvious that the real question is will Sergei or Pacioretty win the 14th forward spot.
I doubt the Habs will give up on Chipchura, D'agostini, Stewart or others at the beginning of the season. There is also the possibility of a trade (To many left D, anyone) or there could be injuries, but for now, we got to make are line up with the players we have.

Failling to consider the waiver situation making your line-up is like failling to consider the salary cap when proposing a trade. It's common on other sites but here, it's pretty lame.
This is a very good point. I didn't realize that it essentially came down to a Patches vs. S Kost choice. In that case we'll have to wait for camp to see who prevails but here'd be my lineups with each


Cammy - Gomez - A Kost
Patches - Plecks - Gionta
Lats - Laps - Moen
Stewart - Metro - BGL


A Kost - Gomez - Gionta
Cammy - Plecks - S Kost
Lats - Laps - Moen
Stewart - Metro- BGL

Pretty much I'd want Cammy with either Gomez or the combined playmaking skills of Plecks and S Kost

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