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09-14-2009, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by zz View Post
You're right. $ 1.6 M to coach and $ 6.4 M for a fictitious executive job is much easier to swallow. Oh - I almost forgot about "ownership considerations" - how the guy managed to get cash for shares he never paid for in the first place, shares of a business that was losing money left and right, is beyond me.

Now - I'm not saying he did anything shady or illegal. It was a valid contract, and no-one was forcing Moyes' hand. But let's not kid ourselves - he was being paid an outrageous amount of cash and we got very, very little in return. Pretty much the worst signing in franchise history.
You can't blame Gretzky, like he was going to turn the offer down. If it's one thing we've learned in this whole process it's that Moyes is not very responsible with his money!

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