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09-15-2009, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by JohnBB21 View Post
I see it this way: Nylander wants to play in the NHL. He knows his best shot is for the Caps to buy him out. He know he can catch on with another team if there's no salary albatross. By showing up and saying what he said, he's telling the Caps they can buy him out, play him or sit him. He's going to be a good soldier, work hard, and do what they want. He's betting that the Caps won't want to pay him to sit and will eventually buy him out if they can't trade him.

The Caps can sit him and hope that he starts to feel the pressure of not playing and losing the last years of his career. They can remind him he'll likely be playing in Hershey next year at age 38.

What this will come down to is how badly Nylander wants to play hockey vs. how badly he wants to be an NHLer.

If it were me, and things couldn't be worked out with Boudreau, I'd just send him home with pay and accept that he's not going budge. I'd thank him for showing up and wish him the best. Let him know he can work out a Euro deal when/if he changes his mind. If the PA filed a complaint, then he can sit in the press box all year.

Edit: Neither Nylander or Mo 2 can play the wing. Nylander is especially bad along the boards since the shoulder injury. Both are considerably better at center.
Except the Caps can't buy him out this season anymore, and there's no benefit to buying him out next season at all. He has to know that if he's still with the team come July 1 of next year, and he's still in this standoff, then he's either traded to whoever doesn't make us take back any salary, or on waivers come training camp.

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