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09-15-2009, 02:50 PM
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Last season I played hockey for the first time in almost 10 years. I'm 22, so you can imagine that when I was 11 I wasn't that great at hockey to begin with, then 10 years of nothing makes that even worse. Spent the whole season playing rec league and shinny stuff as a player. Then I decided I wanted to fulfill my childhood dream of being a goalie, so I scoured ebay and local stores for all the second hand gear I could find. I only managed to hit the ice twice last year as a goalie, but here is what I can pass on about my experiences.

Expect to suck. I mean really, really suck. The skates are much different than player skates and even just making it to the net my first time out was a little tricky. I think the hardest thing I found was maneuvering around the crease, especially once I was in the butterfly. Goalies make the butterfly slide look a lot easier than it is.

This summer I went to one indoor 'shinny' session but soon found out all the players were extremely skilled including a number of pro's who were getting back in shape for the AHL, BCHL, and one guy who plays in Korea. Suffice to say, being it was my third time ever as a goalie, I got hilariously lit up. On the bright side nobody gave me a hard time about it. Still didn't feel good. I can imagine this winter when I play some more I'll have to deal with players getting mad at me.

That being said, I'm not discouraged and intend to stick with it until I'm confident enough to find a really low division team to 'tend full time for. Certainly seems like its worth all the money and heart ache.

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