Thread: Injury Report: 09-10 Canucks Injury Status
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09-15-2009, 04:17 PM
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If I'm advising Hodgson, I'm not taking any chances of playing any games for the Canucks or even Junior until I'm 1000% sure of every possible consequence of a bulging disk followed by any kind of on-ice incident. None of this "I feel 100%", let's "try it out"...

And I'm seeing the best specialist in Canada even if it costs $20,000. His body is after all a potential $50M+ "asset" for himself, his family and the team so $20K is peanuts.

The part that's disappointing is the comment on how the injury came about - doing Deadlifts - as it could have been prevented. Someone can really hurt their back if they don't perform deadlifts properly - especially at the end of the workout when they are tired - personally I don't see ANY value in this exercise for a professional hockey player and A LOT of injury risk. The only exercise that is worse is squats - very tough on your back AND knees if done improperly (so obviously, not recommended either). A professional hockey player is not a professional weight-lifter and the strength improvement difference between using safer exercises and equipment and those that are much less so (like deadlift and squats) is marginal at best and certainly not worth the risk of injury or gradual deterioration of the affected area.

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