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09-15-2009, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Goallum View Post
I agree that he needs to shoot more, and that it's a very legitimate, perhaps the biggest, knock on him. What I don't understand, however, is why one would necessarily equate not shooting enough with the lack of effort.
Why would anyone equate shooting more with a lack of effort? ... case in point:

Originally Posted by Goallum View Post
As a matter of fact, those half-ass pointless shots by Brown and O'Sullivan, many of which are included in the stats you quoted, seem to me as a more obvious indication of lazy play, lack of effort in making plays and lack of offensive creativity in general.
Frolov doesn't need to expend that much more effort to shoot the puck once more every other game. His refusal to learn that lesson year after year after year can be equated to a lack of effort, but really I think people say lack of effort when speaking of Frolov when it's probably more appropriate to say lack of caring.

While all those extra shots by Brown may be waste of effort given that his shooting percentage is lower, Brown is the captain, he needs to lead by example. That explains to me pretty clearly why Brown is shooting the puck all the time if there is a need to get certain players on the team to shoot the puck more. The message got through to some players, not to others - and not to the player it needed to most. You can't force the unwilling.

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