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09-15-2009, 09:45 PM
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I actually swapped out for a game with my goalie in the beginner league in my first season and it was a BLAST and made me want to play that much more, but the whole spending an as*load of $$ stops that.

Its really alot of fun you just have to really be aware of angles yadda yadda. If you can just try at a stick n puck session or something to try out all the gear and get a feel for it it helps a ton, I did that before the game so I didnt go in not having a feel for anything(and also got schooled by abuncha kids but it was still fun!).

May just be me, but I learned very quickly my 5-hole was weak as hell at the stick n puck. Gotta keep those legs SPREAD so when you go down you can properly cover that hole without the leg pads gettin all bunched up. After workin on that at the stick and puck and bruisn the crap outta my knees from goin down I didn't allow a single 5-hole goal during the game was pretty proud of myself.

Just gotta make sure you keep your eye on the puck, be aware of any quick passes across the ice that may come and defanitly be prepared for rebounds.

Obviously playing one game as a goalie doesn't make me an expert, but pretty much from a beginners eyes just get a feel for the equipment and skates and prepare to be hitting the ice with your knees alot and gettin back up(gets tiring as hell T_T). Seems to be alot of a head game really and just being aware and in the zone.

Also another big tip keep that stick on the ice! It helps a ton especially for coverin that 5-hole when you are standing up. I would HIGHLY advise from tryin to handle the puck or skatin out of the net to get it, being new to goalie equipment chances are youll just totally screw up.

Just enjoy, don't get too discouraged hopefully your team understands they cant completely rely on you, I know I lost the game I played 1-4 but I was only a goal allowed over average if that.

Give it a shot, if your team mates are ok with it then see how that first game goes and if you made a good amount of saves you will build up confidence and only get better.

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