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09-19-2003, 04:04 AM
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my guess that the russian comment was mere wishful thinking on some oil fans part because there is no way Kovalchuck will be coming back for comrie not unless edmonton were to throw in Brewer, rita and 3 1sts. and i don't think any of the other russian born players would be sutable to edmonton's needs. as far as what Detroit would offer I can't see them offering up a player like fischer or Datsyuk so it would have to center around hulder and i don't know if edmonton would want a player who has yet to play in the NHL. But Philly could be interesting (if it is true) I am sure a williams for Comrie deal could work might needs some fine tunning and Woywitka would also definatly interest edmonton, but the question is what would it take to get a deal done. as far as the 3 teams here are my proposals

Atl - Mike Comrie
Edm - patrick Stefan , 4th round pick
logic - not much but Heatly, kolvachuck, and lehtonen are NOT available and Stefan is probably the only player that might remotly interest the oilers. Savard is a possability, but unlikley. I honestly think there will not be an EDM - ATL trade involving comrie.

Detroit - Mike Comrie
Edmonton - jiri Hudler, Mathieu Dandineault

Detroit gets a young center to immediatly replace Larionov, and eventually replace Yzerman. edmonton gets a young skilled center although he has to prove himself in the big league. Dandineault would do well with edmontons style of play and he may be a 5-6 d-man in detroit but edmonton also doesn't have Lidstrom, Hatcher, Chelios and Schnieder in front of Dandineault. I think Dandineault could be a very effective #3 guy in edmonton

Phi - Mike Comrie, Raffi torres, 2nd round pick
Edm - Justin Williams, Jeff woywitka, 4th round pick

this would probably be a dream trade for edmonton but that's about all it would probably amount to unless clarke is really interested in both Comrie and Torres. Torres could be a potential replacement for John Leclair next year. All players involved are young so age isn't really a factor. but Woywitka might be good for the oilers but clarke would not be eager to let him go.

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