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09-15-2009, 11:22 PM
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So, praise a player for his puck control and decision making, but condemn him for not taking more pointless shots?

I know that is a gross exaggeration, but c'mon, Brown crossing the blueline and floating a softie into the goalie's chest is damn near the same thing as a turnover. O'Sullivan's hot potato-ing is another terrible example.

The biggest pressing issue regarding the even strength goal scoring is a lack of presence in the middle of the ice - playmaking, net crashing, and basically, balls out effort. Lombardi knows this, hence acquring Williams and Smyth, their mutual forte, plus the drafting of ballsy guys like Moller, Schenn and Clifford when more purely skilled players are available.


A) Your top goal scorer shoots selectively, almost exclusively from in close
B) His best asset is taking the puck from the corner into the traffic areas and making plays
C) Your GM finally acquires players who can profit from this...

And then your coach either stupidly ignores this, or willingly sabotages it by not putting ANY of these assets together in favor of what? Seriously, what?

Kopitar, as good as he is, is just not a playmaker at the level of Frolov, or hell, even Purcell for that matter. Anze skillfully takes advantage of situations, but he doesn't create a whole lot of chances on his own.

Frolov needs to be more selfish, that is a given. It's against his nature, so it is going to be difficult to change his stripes. The coaching decisions certainly aren't helping, and this is going to royally screw up the contract negotiations.

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