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09-19-2003, 04:19 AM
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I posted above my thoughts on this , didn't see this thread..

But I was /am VERY impressed with this kid Bergeron..
What I saw of him..aside from the usual okay skot, okay skating okay grit.....the kid "get's it " as Bill Parcells would say..
He has "ice vision " for a loack of better term.. What I saw was him "scanning his options " before taking a hit. Not just chasing a puck on the "D" transition but figuring out what to do with it before he got it.

A lot of skills can be taught to an extent and honed.
Instinct and smarts , the "toolbox" , either you have it or don't.

In most cases I'm a supporter for nuturing in Juniors and AHL.. but if a kid can CONSISTENTLY show he has "it" as DKH says above..then you have to think real hard about letting him play.
based on what I saw. Based on what others have posted and based upon what I have read...I'm of the mind that if young Mr. Bergeron keeps it up thru pre-season than you have to keep him here for at least the 10 Regular season games.
Beyond that... if he is playing at an NHL level.. he should stay...


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