Thread: Speculation: Kessel + Moore + Eklund = False
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09-16-2009, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Naming 4 exceptions (usually contained to star players) of which 2 of 4 named are all but retired among a league of 800 players does not provide a significant rebuttal to its "a young man's game".

I guesstimated that Blake at age 36 is already in a 10-15% small group still playing beyond that age and that might be high even.

How many of the NHL 800 odd players do you think are age 36 and beyond? Blake is the oldest Leaf player so all of Leafs entire 60 player training camp roster is already beneath him in age.
Fact remains, more and more players are playing in the NHL in their later years than ever before. Moose clearly pointed out the importance of nutrition and fitness with NHL players, thus seeing longer careers than ever before. Whether or not Blake it too old, is subjective, point is he is a good player who plays hard and puts up points. I believe Zeke took the time to post a list of players making Blake's salary and what their contributions are compared to Jason. You don't like Blake or his contract, I get it. But he has proven to be worth it, and certainlly no disapointment.

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