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09-17-2009, 12:29 AM
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Originally Posted by BoJackson View Post
So, last year was my first year back since being a kid as a full hockey fan. I knew all the rules and some of the subtleties, but obviously learned a lot watching 86 games in depth and really following everything off the ice.

But now...The one question I have is...why is everyone concerned about having a right-handed shot? I definitely understand the need of a canon on the blue line, but every time I've seen someone mention getting a new defenseman...they always stipulate it has to be right handed. Is that actually a deal breaker or just to mix it up with our glut of lefties?

So, probably a stupid question, and feel free to merge it wherever it may fit, but it's been bugging me lately and I wasn't really sure where else to ask.
One thing is simple positioning. When you're skating to the blue line as a center, the guy to your left can put his back to the wall if he's a right-handed shot, and vice versa. Which means if you get the PP set up, you can have a right-handed shot on the left point and a left-handed shot on the right point.

Because we have a ton of lefties, we have to put a guy on the left point who is a lefty, and his body positioning isn't exactly ideal. He has to turn to fire shots and what not, as opposed to the righty who already is in position and can easily one-time the pass on goal.

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