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Originally Posted by zeroG View Post
iow, almost every single corporation. and the difference is that instead of coasting a bit on the public's dime, mgmt in the private sector is trying to figure out how to squeeze every last ounce of profit out of potential, even creating potential where it should not exist. that's where the negligence and malevolence comes into play. of course, as part of a large bureaucracy, they are able to avoid accountability. moreover, they most likely have deluded themselves into thinking they are not doing evil or perhaps even actually doing good.

with regulation, the markets are great but let's not kid ourselves - they also provide an opportunity for the worst in human nature to fester.
It's a double edged sword. No doubt, the corporation has its flaws...but let's face facts, the corporation only exists so that people can get money from other people (investors) to grow a business to epic proportions without having to be personally accountable for any debts they generate. But by doing that they are capable of growing to deliver goods and services to the broadest number of people. But all true business has a profit motive, which in itself is not evil...the problem is when the individual holds his own importance above that of the corporation.

Which is the main reason I don't like to work for large corporations - they're collectivistic ********

Government, meanwhile, is a bunch of leeches draining society and trying to grow their own power bases to control people. They produce nothing, but take all they can. But sometimes they have to justify their own worthless jobs, and that's when they do the most harm to the rest of us.

I'm off topic, aren't I? All right, I'll let you guys make the responses you'll want to make then we need to drop this from this particular board...sorry for dragging it off.

"...and ultimately it doesn't matter."
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