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11-14-2004, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Gary
Another way to get cost certainty is to never give players raises. They start in the league at one salary and stay there for the rest of their career.

Interesting point...While I'm on the side of the owners in one way (The game quality and popularity is plunging fast and something drastic needs to happen to repair it), It's also true that the owners could start the season up tomorrow under the EXACT CBA, and rectify the situation themselves over time by simply refusing to play the big $$ the players are commanding...If the owners got together to talk and had a poll asking 'What is the highest amount that YOU personally think any ONE hockey player is worth'? (INCLUDING bonuses and incentives) FOR THE LEAGUE TO FLOURISH and put that on a ballet ...collect all the papers, take a average, let everyone know what the number is and leave it at that-NO MORE DISCUSSION...In the meantime the owners would 'KNOW' that okay...none of us are going to go over that. Without actually STATING that or DISCUSSING that as a top number it would not be collusion would it? simply a poll to see what everyone thinks? ;-) And...IF 3 or 4 owners still decide to overpay...The other owners could get together and say 'Look-All of us figured XXX number would be best for the game not to be hurt and you're hurting the league.' Then turn around and punish (tax) the owner/s doing that because of principal, not based on the #'s of player contracts. Would this work???
I agree that game quality and popularity is plunging fast. I jsut don't think thats solved by scrapping an entire season and bringing in replacement players.

The rest of what you said is collusion.

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