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09-18-2009, 12:49 PM
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my thoughts on last nights game...

first off they only sold about 6500 tickets for the game and i think even less people showed up. Some sections were nearly completely vacant...but thats besides the point.

Game overall was pretty boring and looked sloppy on both sides, very amateur to put it bluntly (as it should have considering each team only had a handful of vets playing).

The only players that stood out to me are as follow:

Wayne Simmonds: excellent game, even in pre-season he gives 100% which i cant say about everyone. He was hitting, skating, and passing. in my opinion he was the strongest kings player all night.

Dustin Brown: had a pretty nice goal in the last 10secs, which was exciting. Brown was throwing his body around like usual and had several good attempts throughout the night although it seemed he was only playing maybe 80-90% out there.

Alex Frolov: received first star of the night. He played well overall but wasn't much of a factor in the game i didn't think.

Jonathan Quick: Outstanding. Like usual had fantastic control of his rebounds and made some pretty good looking saves through out the night. He's probably one of the biggest reasons the kings were in the game.

Jack Johnson and Drew Doughty: Both played ok, Doughty gave up the puck in our own zone which almost resulted in a goal but other than that nothing notable. Other than Jack getting his ass handed to him end of the second period he played well also. He look like a forward int he first period the way he was attacking the net, which i really liked seeing out of him. he has the hands, speed and skill for it. This very well can be a breakout year for him.

Andrei Loktionov Looked nervous most of the night. He seemed eager to pass the puck nearly as soon as he got it. If last night was anything to measure his game by then i think he still has a couple years of minor league play in store for him.

Brayden Schenn Nothing to report, did nothing all night and i actually forgot he was even on the roster at times.

Overall wasn't an impressive game, in fact the best part was when the Zamboni got stuck on the rink while they were resurfacing the ice for the shootout. it was obviously user error as it took someone less than 10secs to get him going again once he got out there. Obviously cant expect to much from preseason considering it was nearly an all rookie roster but unfortunately none of those rookies seemed to shine for me. Everyone else that i didnt mention didnt warrant any special attention.

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