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09-18-2009, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Jagr68NYR94Leetch View Post
Yeah I know right LOL.

I've made my points on the subject of dubinsky, but to be honest, this whole situation hasnt really bothered me like it has for other 90% of fans on this board. I love dubinsky and how he plays the game, BUT to be honest he just isnt a guy that I feel is worth getting so crazy over. He has only put up 41 and 40 points the last two seasons. And I know he is still very young and hes only played 2 full seasons in the NHL but the fact that he's holding out trying to justify that kind of production is just silly. I dont blame him for wanting a little more money, but to holdout for it when you dont have leverage as if you are some version of alex ovechkin, or to a lesser extent phil kessel, I find it pretty damn silly. Contrary to what many think, I believe he is very replaceable regardless of the intangibles he's brought to the table. Because frankly, we have enough guys that bring the "intangibles" factor to the table that having dubinsky isnt a glaring necessity. Now sure I'd love to keep him around because he plays hard, he loves NY, and he has those intangibles, but if he left I'd be able to live with that and watch the rangers organization either replace him from within, through the draft, or via trade or free agency. Dubinsky just isnt that special type of player that doesnt come around too often. He does, and this can be seen in the likes of callahan, drury, and even ryan borque.
This is exactly why I find it so incredibly ********. Trust me I'm not as mad about it as my post seems because when they're playing I don't even think aout him so he really isn't a Ranger right now. With that said however, this is why it's getting people mad. Based on his point production, and the stage of his career he is in he should not be pulling this c***. I can understand it a little more if Jagr did it in his prime, or Ovechkin did it, but like you said Dubinsky is VERY replaceable and by far not in the same league as anyone who could be in a postion to hold out, hence the anger by people, and hence me calling him immature and childish.

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