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Originally Posted by alphaqup View Post
Even if Dubinsky does sign for 1 or 2 seasons, he won't be back after that.

And I keep reiterating, it doesn't matter how much Dubinsky is worth. The CBA stipulates that the team has all of the leverage in this situation for the very reason that they'll lose all their good young players so soon. The whole point of RFA status is so teams won't lose their good young players too soon. Dubinsky is trying to cheat the system and he will lose.

Mother ****er thinks he's a UFA and can command market value? Give me a break. You're an RFA and you're bound by the same rules EVERY OTHER RFA IS BOUND BY.
Dubinsky will be a Ranger for at least 4 more year unless the Rangers choose otherwise.

Originally Posted by vipernsx View Post
The point is that there are guys on this team where Slats had no problem with throwing a couple 100k extra to sign them, even though it wasn't necessary. Yet, a guy who's worth trying to keep, isn't worth throwing a couple 100k extra towards? Where's the logic?
It's an interesting point but for every UFA that signs in New York, there are others who do not sign. That last 100K can often tip the scales. If you think Sather is chronically bidding against himself, I doubt you are right.

Remember, it costs more to play in New York. Taxes, housing, food and even babysitters cost a lot more. I had a player tell me that he took a significant salary cut when he was traded to New York because of the cost of living.

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