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Originally Posted by NYSportsfan6230 View Post
Yea it is childish I'm calling him D****binsky, and I probably shouldn;t so I guess I'll stop doing that to at least make my claims look legitimate. I used to like Dubinsky though, I thought he was good and would be a good player for us a couple years back. In fact, a part of me wants to say this is all part of the CBA and he is trying to get the best deal possible but when the best deal possible is interfering with the Rangers Organization trying to run a team, then it does become a problem. I don't care what he would do if he wasn't playing hockey because it was his choice to not get an "edumaction," but like everyone is saying this is a business and this business is interfering with the team.

A part of me still likes Dubinsky as a player, and the sooner they get this done, and the more he tries to minimize the time he misses, I might be able to build up some respect for him again. But that is based solely on the claims that he goes out there and does his job, not act like he's twelve by being a nausence to the team as a whole.

I want to like him again as a player, and the sooner he can come back then the less my feelings towards these events will be. People should know how much I hate Sather by now, but I do blame both of them for the way they handled these negiotiations, just like I wanted Zherdev back for the betterment of the team I hope in time Dubinsky can come back and win over the fans that he has lost.

P.S. I know we have no say in this matter, but as die hard Ranger fans we have the right to voice our displeasure about how he is making a mockery of the team, and causing a distraction.
Hey, I'm no stranger to voicing displeasure about the team, I do it all the time. You've made some good points about the Dubinsky matter, just wanted to say that it will be taken more seriously without the namecalling.

I wasn't being sarcastic when I commended you for being consistent in your opinion, I think it's good that you have a viewpoint that you are sticking to. Too many people here are flip-flopping their opinions due to popular sentiment on the board, and it's good that you aren't influenced by that. Although I disagree with your stance on Dubinsky, I understand why you feel that way.

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