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11-14-2004, 07:45 PM
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I've been to several pee wee games at one of my local rinks, the Empire Ice Arena (or as us locals affectionately call it "Snoopy's"). This rink is in Santa Rosa, CA and yes, it's the one where "Peanuts" creator, Charles M. Schultz used to frequent. I don't get out to as many games there as I used to because of my hectic schedule. when I did, I would go see the local Santa Rosa Flyers team. I knew one of the Flyers defensemen. He'd thank me after every game for coming out to see him play if I was there. If I wasn't, he called me a day or so later, asking me why I couldn't make it to the game and then give me a report on how well he and the team did (or didn't do). His mother and I were very good friends and they both know that I'm a hockey nut, so that's why I was at many of the games.

I have to say though, that people who've never seen hockey at this level, should do themselves a favor and get out to one of these games. It's well worth it for just the experience. For these kids, it's not about multi-million dollar contracts, it's about the love of the game. It is HERE where there is still a bit of the innocence of the game left. Sadly though there are those obnoxious, out-of-control "hockey parents" that ruin it for the kids (and yes, the SR Flyers have had at least one of their own that I know of).

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