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Originally Posted by zz View Post
I like Sauer a lot, but he was our #4 D-man. When an injury to your #4 d-man kills your entire season, you don't have a system in place.

Since Gretzky started coaching, scoring has always been a problem. PP has always been a problem as well. If we do have an offensive system in place, please explain it to me.

We're not that great at dumping and chasing.
Our passing sucks.
We're not great at owning the puck, either.
We've got speed, but lack that first pass from our D to send our guys flying.

Our PP has no creativity whatsoever. It's completely static and dumb. If we're lucky, we get a shot from the point that never gets to the goal. We're not invading the crease, and I don't know if 'deflection' is part of Gretzky's vocabulary. If we're not so lucky, we get a Jovo pass on a predictable lane and get a turnover. Or our point man is incapable of keeping the puck in the zone.

So again - you seem to think Gretzky has a system in place. What does it consist of?
Yes. So true.

In the end, a great coach could put a system in place that would see chimps score at will in the NHL.

Skill, experience, capabilities, depth of the roster are meaningless. Losing Sauer, Rhino, Hanzal, to name a few, did not compromise the success of this team. A decent coach would have just put a system in place that would have seen the Coyotes storm to the top of the league.

All it comes down to is the coach! Vets who don't perform up to their capabilities (cough... Jovo... cough... Bryz... cough... Morris...)? Nobody's fault but the coaches.

Doom and gloom reports about the franchise? Media writing them off and proclaiming that the team has no future in the desert? Doesn't matter with a great coach!

Youngsters suffering through sophomore slumps? Rookies running out of steam towards the end of the season? Never mattered to teams that were coached by a decent coach!


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