Thread: PGT: Habs beat Sens 2-1
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09-19-2009, 08:19 AM
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Originally Posted by TroyM View Post
Haha... oh boy, now we have Neilson bashers even. Always some people gotta try and bring the mood down. I understand your arguments but the sane fans are just happy to have been entertained by Neilson tonight. He was one of the more exciting aspects of an otherwise not so exciting game (the 3rd was much better...). Rational fans realize that and just want to see him back for another preseason game to have some more fun. I think he earned that for sure for being fearless and standing tall.

As a self-proclaimed rational fan I would never pencil him into the starting line up based on a few fights in a preseason game, but i would never try to say he wasn't entertaining or deserving of our kudos either. If Neilson didn't exceed or at least meet your expectations of him tonight then you have problems with your expectations IMO.
I agree 100% with you he was better than expected and he is a good fighter to watch. I was talking to the ones all of a sudden bashing stewart saying he needs to be more like that which i was pointing out was crazy. The only player he could try to replace is laraque as they are more comparable in there role and play.

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