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11-15-2004, 05:33 AM
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Originally Posted by silver_made
I'd like to see the argument for goulet being in the hall, but not nicholls. pumper had 1.5 seasons with gretz. michel played alongside staz for nearly a decade, including one with burnaby joe. nicholls posted better postseason totals. nicholls was still a pt./gm. player at 35; michel was no longer a pt./gm. player past age 28 and was out of the nhl by 34. both averaged over 1 pt. per game for their careers, and both reached 1,000 pts. neither has a cup. goulet is in. by association, shouldn't nicholls?help me out here.
1. Goulet cleared 500 goals, Nicholls did not. Critical number in HHOF determination ... like 300 wins in baseball, 500 goals has been the next thing to an automatic berth. Ciccarelli is the only eligible guy not in, and he'll get there eventually.

2. Goulet was dominant in the 1984 Canada Cup, and very good in the 1987 tourney. Nicholls was not named to either team.

3. Goulet is one of only 9 players ever to record four consecutive 50-goal seasons. Nicholls only cleared 50 goals once.

4. Most importantly, you can make a damn good argument Goulet was the best player at his position for about a 6-year stretch in the mid-1980s. First-team or second-team all-star every year between 1983 and 1988. Set the LW scoring record with 121 points. 5 postseason all-star berths to Nicholls' zero.

That said, I think Nicholls will probably get in eventually. But IMO Goulet clearly has better HHOF credentials.

Also, Goulet was only 'out of the NHL by 34' because he suffered a career-ending concussion. He was still a productive player when he was hurt, and would have lasted another couple years in all likelihood.

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