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09-19-2009, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by RussellmaniaKW View Post
So I moved to San Diego from Florida early this year to start a job. I am originally from Boston and I am a huge Bruins fans. With that said, I like to have a local team to root for and I love the makeup of the Kings. I'm not really a bandwagon guy so never saw myself rooting for the Ducks or Sharks. I plan on watching the Kings on TV whenever I can. I plan to still watch all the Bruins games I can as well, and I'm contemplating going for Center Ice this year to watch the B's, but I'm actually kind of pumped to follow a different franchise for a while.

Anyway, with the Kessel trade I have kind of a sour taste in my mouth right now with regard to the Bruins. I love the B's and recognize that the kid made it impossible for them to keep him, but I can't help but feel things could have gone down better for the B's. Kessel to a long-time division rival and smug ******* like Burke just kind of makes me sick to my stomach. I really would have liked to see the Bruins get Dustin Brown but that would never happen so I'll just watch him on the Kings instead.

Anyway, looking forward to some hockey!
i still think you guys made an awesome trade...those 2 1st rounders are almost guaranteed top 10 picks ! think of the potential

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