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11-15-2004, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
I think that we poked enough holes in Levitt's report to show that the chances of his numbers being real are very low. Most of us agree that the $223 number is inflated. BUT, you ARE right in saying that there IS money being lost. NO ONE can dispute that. However, WHY must it be the players that give? Again, all you are saying is that the players must give so that we can have our hockey fix. You've said as much before.
The players DO NOT have to give more than the owners. With every day that goes by, the owners position is weaker and weaker. More and more reports will come out that will make Levitt's report loose credence. Bettman's intent to declare an impasse is iffy at best. No impasse means no replacement players and thus he would HAVE TO deal with the NHLPA unless the owners are ready to fold the NHL (highly doubtfull).
the owners created these problems and the players have to pay the price for it. is it fair? no its not but thats the reality of the situation. in order for the nhl to exist there needs to be a salary cap, although a 31 million dollar cap is unreasonable. (although i have only heard that number from larry brooks so i have to believe its higher because brooks doesn't get anything right)

you ask why the players have to give in and the simple answer is because the owners are not going too.

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