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11-15-2004, 01:51 PM
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1. if forbes is right the nhl is still losing over a 100 million dollars
that's still a far cry than what the league is claiming and it shows that despite the league's claim that the $31 mill cap is absolutely needed, there is a lot more room to work out a fair compromise for both sides

a small, hard cap isn't needed to fix all of's just one solution that the league won't let go of

also consider this bit said by stan fischler:

The meeting last week between the NHLPA’s Ted Saskin and the league’s Bill Daly was initiated by the union. But nobody on the NHL side is taking it seriously. Within weeks, the Association is expected to produce an inadequate offer -- mostly for p.r. purposes. No meaningful movement will take place.
if that's the attitude of the owners...well, what else do i need to say? if they dismiss proposals before they even see them, then how is this good faith

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