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11-15-2004, 01:44 PM
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My favorite was actually my grade 9 year, I was playing in the Father Geotz tournament (biggest High School hockey tourney in Ontario).

I was a goalie and had seen virtually 0 playing time that year... well virtually was a stretch, I literally saw 0, and I got to dress for 3 or 4 games. Anyways the tourney rolls around and our starting goalie, who was in grade 12 and played AAA, had a tournament that weekend.

Our other goalie, who was in OAC (the old grade 13) was the regular backup and was going to start in the tournament. I was basically given the old, "be ready to go in" speach, but naturally I ignored it figuring my butt was going to be stapled to the bench all game long.

Well, after about 6 minutes into the first game, we were down 4-0 to Upper Canada College (who were perennial power houses at the time), and I heard the coach call a timeout. There I sat on the bench looking around in the crowd, when I noticed everyone staring at me, and I faintly heard my coaches voice asking if I was going to put my helmet on and get out there, as our timeout was over.

Anyways, after a few seconds of being lauged at, I skated over to the the crease, tapped my goal posts, took a deep breath and next thing I know UCC is coming into our zone with the puck. Their player took a shot that hit me right in the forehead, and went straight up into the crowd.

Needless to say that woke me up out of my daze and I realized that I was playing hockey as a 14 year old against guys literally twice my size... and oddly enough it didn't even phase me.

We went on to lose 9-0, and I got to make another start in that tournament (a 3-2 loss in OT) after we were officially eliminated from the playoff round. It was a pretty exciting time, and one that I completely didn't expect, and still remains one of my best memories.

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