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11-15-2004, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Tom_Benjamin
So? That doesn't make either of them wrong.

Why don't you try to defend Bettman instead of attacking Brooks or Guerin? Explain how either of the examples I used are the actions of a person with any sense of honour or decency. Do you trust Gary Bettman? Do you think he gives a damn about hockey? Where's the evidence? What's he ever done for the sport besides make it more expensive?

What has Brooks ever done for the game?

Brooks prints nothing but bullcrap in every single article he writes. Look back at his archives, and see how much crap he threw at the wall hoping it would stick.

Sorry man, Brooks is just about the least credible hockey writer there is... and using him to prove your case is laughable at best.

What makes you think Bettman cares any less about hockey than Bill Guerin, or Bob Goodenow?

How have either of them made the game of hockey any more entertaining?

TheSpecialist - MacT thinks he was that good of a hockey player when in actuality he was no better then a Louie Debrusk.
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