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11-15-2004, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Tom_Benjamin
Explain how either of the examples I used are the actions of a person with any sense of honour or decency.
It's like a pack of rabid dogs around here sometimes. Any percieved angle that supports one side or the other gets jumped on an blown out of proportion in an instance.

Let's look at the quote that Brook's pulls from the memo;

"Therefore, we will be raising for discussion issues affecting numerous CBA and SPC [Standard Player Contract] provisions including salary guarantees and buy-outs other than for injury . . ."

Now Goodenow sells this to the players as meaning that non-guaranteed contracts will be part of the new NHL landscape.

Personally I think that this quote can mean a number of things - only one of which may mean non guaranteed contracts.

Such as changing salary guarantees can also mean doing away with the 10% qualifier on all below average contracts or resetting the rookie max or setting a limit of rookie bonuses and so on.....

Discussing buyouts can be as simple as resetting the 2/3's buyout percentage to something lower.

Now I expect this to get dismissed as another Bettman apology but another thing to consider is the PR war. Everyone seems pretty unanimous that Bettman is trying his hardest to provide a certain public image for the league.

By him going public with the statement that eliminating guaranteed contracts is not on the table and never has been pretty much outright concedes that point to the PA - does it not?

Does it really matter if the statement was made on the Doug Maclean show?

Now what I am wondering is why Goodenow wouldn't take this marginal statement and get a clarification on it prior to submitting it to the players with what I would assume is his interpretation as a qualifier? It couldn't be to get the players emotions up in order to galvanize the union.

As for TB's second example, is it really underhanded to send an unmarked envelope (first I have heard of this but anyways...) to the agents when the information is also posted on the CBA website for public consumption?

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