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09-20-2009, 03:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Zad View Post
I imagine the Ducks were pretty tired as well. It's always fun beating the Ducks but, as Schenn said, one game at a time. I want to see this team gel and get better every game. The little things, play in the corners, traffic in front of the net, neutral zone pressure, blue line pressure, forecheck, passing from the defensive zone, breakout plays, entering the offensive zone with speed, cycling the puck, etc. are what make momentum and keep momentum in hockey games. Let's see our boys keep getting better at those little things and we will win a lot more games than last season. Before you know it, we're playing in June.

Edit: For those advocating Schenn to stay up, I would be very disappointed if he did. I don't mind him playing a few games this season, perhaps even up to 9, but I want Schenn getting 20+ minutes in critical game situations where he is relied upon to carry the play as a first line center. He has top line center written all over him but not yet, no matter how well he performs.
Well you are ultimately right that Schenn should be playing critical minutes, leading his junior team to new heights.

I do kind of hope he gets a few game tryout. Just to see if he can keep up his play against a full roster of NHLers. He looks very comfortable, and in every game I've seen him, he's only been better and more adjusted. Kid learns FAST. He also is no midget. I'm really hoping he grows another inch or two and puts on some more muscle mass. If he has another growth spurt in him, we are going to be really lucky.

Forget his two goals, he made a myriad of slick plays, all over the ice, offensively and defensively. His passing and vision is sick. He gave Brown a backhand pass that took my breath away. He looked down and out, about to get stripped in the right wing corner. He was about to get creamed, had dipped and doodled as much as he could but failed to evade the check, and in an extremely hard stick angle, put a pass that went directly behind him, perpendicular to his waist-line, right on Brown, who unfortunately was not ready for it, undoubtedly thinking there was no way Schenn could get him the puck.

Run-on sentences aside, Schenn made plays like that every time he was on the ice.

In a kind of sad, but kind of cool way, depending on how you choose to look at it, the team tonight, comprised of youngins' without any NHL experience Clifford, Schenn, Martinez, Hickey, and Clune, looked about as good as our so-called "NHL" team did at any point last season. Granted the Ducks were tired and their roster was pretty sparse of NHL talent. However, so was the Phoenix roster last Tuesday, and this team look much more composed than that game. I have to say, I think it's good coaching.

Everyone is buying in to the system, and whether you love or hate TM's system, when a coach can get all his players to buy in, the team plays well and permeates confidence throughout the arena.

Also, randomly, just in case no one heard, the PP lines from tonight were:



And the PK lines (most of the time) were:



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