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11-15-2004, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Tom_Benjamin
Sainthood? Who expects that? I called Bettman a sleaze and a slug and offered examples of his fundamental dishonesty and lack of integrity. Would you trust him? How can anyone support him?

If you want to dig open Goodenow's closet, feel free. Give me an example that shows the fundamental dishonesty or lack of integrity that Bettman delivers up on a weekly basis. Give me an example of bad faith on the part of Goodenow.

Attacking Brooks, Guerin or Goodenow doesn't change anything. It doesn't make Gary Bettman trustworthy or turn him into a decent human being.

According to people who've worked at the PA, Goodenow's lack of integrity is on display, in plain view for all of them.

You want bad faith? How about telling the owners in Atlanta that he doesn't care if the team goes bankrupt? How about making a second offer worse than the first in this negotiation? That's good faith? How about ducking the New York Times when they asked about how David Frost was certified as an agent by the PA?

As I said, they are both far from sainthood, which would seem to concur that Bettman isn't necessarily a decent human being. At the same time, don't pretend that Goodenow is.

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