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09-19-2003, 08:04 AM
Peter Griffin
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Originally Posted by Peter
Sorry guys but I have to giggle here...aren't you all the same bunch of guys and girls (that's for you Jewellry) that were carrying the pitchforks and torches to run "old" Murrary Baron out of t own?

Baron brings leadership, playoff experience and skill but you guys wanted him out because he was too old and too slow and terrible defensively (which I question anyways).

Now, the same crew here wants to sign Mike Keane who is "old, slow and terrible defensively" all because he brings leadership and playoff experience. My goodness...he was run out of town by the Avs. Couldn't find anywhere to play. Had to come to our camp on a try-out contraact. Yikes!! And this is the guy you want???
You're forgot to mention that Baron was asking for more than $1 mil, doesn't have as much experience as Keane(0 cups), and Baron would be playing a bigger role on the the team than Keane, something that most posters didn't want to see. Nobody here wants to see Keane sign for $1 mil and play as a regular in the line-up like Baron would've. But signing Keane for around $600,000-800,000, to play as the 13th/14th forward to provide leadership and depth is a different story.

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